Station 19 Round Table: Are They Ruining Travis Montgomery in the Final Season?

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They refuse to let Jack Gibson be great!

After an emotional semi-departure on Station 19 Season 7 Episode 2 that saw our golden-retriever energy Firefighter bidding adieu to his role for good, we didn't know what to think about this development.

And our exclusive interview with Grey Damon about what's next for Gibson didn't clear much up (although, he was a doll, so do check it out!).

With fears that we're rushing through the final season, discontent with Travis Montgomery's character development, mixed thoughts on Marina's storyline with Liam, and conflict over the Vic/Beckett dynamic (#TeamPlatonic Grumpy/Sunshine), our panel of Station 19 Fanatics have a lot to discuss!

So grab a snack and check out a hearty conversation with TV Fanatics Haley Whitmire White and Sara Trimble and Station 19 Fans Ellie MV and Heather M. as they passionately discuss it all.

Let's get the most emotional out of the way. How do you feel about the quick turnaround of Jack's diagnosis ending his career? What theories do you have about what they'll do with him for the remainder of the season?​


Jack broke my heart in this episode. Andy & Ross telling him he can't be a firefighter anymore was so sad. Carina telling him she was handling the nanny when he wanted to help was heartbreaking.

Jack is completely lost without his job; I honestly don't know what they will do with Jack for the remainder of the season because, for a second, I thought he could help at the clinic, and during the episode, it looked like he couldn't, so I have no idea what could happen to him.

Haley: Ugh. Just when I thought Jack's situation couldn't get any more devastating, "Good Grief" proved me wrong. I got teared up several times in the episode. Jack is just so vulnerable and lost. It feels like it's being rushed so much, too, which I know is because it's a short season, and they don't have much time, but it makes it feel even harder to come to terms with.

Heather: I should've known from the moment I saw that Dean Miller Memorial Clinic sign that I would need tissues for this episode.

The beginning sequence of this episode (him getting the news, the bunk area and cleaning out his locker, and him wanting to help at the clinic) was heart-wrenching. Then, the ending scene. More tears. Ugh, my heart is just broken for that man.

I really hope that, with only eight episodes left, they find a way to keep him on at 19 in some capacity—no telling where the showrunners are going with his story, but they better do good by Jack.

Sara: I'm fresh off watching Station 19, so my emotions regarding Jack are still raw. His character development over the last few seasons has been all over the place, and I still don't know how I feel about him.

He's the typical screw-up good but bad guy that we love and hate.

The finality of the emotional last dinner at the station hurts my heart and has me questioning what's next for Jack's character. Will he embrace a new future? Or revert to his old self-punishment habits and burn out without 19 to keep him in check?

At this point, I'm conflicted about what they'll do. I hope good things for him since the show is over. There's no way they'd give him a sad ending. But as a writer who likes to make a lasting impact, I would write him off with a tragic ending that impacts the rest of the station's future.

There are some mixed feelings regarding Marina and the adoption storyline. Were you excited that they were able to bring Liam home by the end of the episode? Do you have any reservations about this storyline?​

Ellie: What was disappointin is that we have not seen the process for Maya and Carina to apply to be foster moms, so having them get Liam at the end of the episode was too rushed. It felt off, and at this point, this adoption (not adoption yet because they are just fostering for now) storyline will be rushed.

Haley: I totally agree with Ellie here. I think we'll see a lot of rushed storylines this season, and it's a bummer. It seems more likely that baby Liam would have gone to live with a foster family who was already licensed.

The more I think about it, the more I think this is the writers' way of rushing a baby into Maya and Carina's lives to tie their relationship up with a bow before the series finale. I actually kind of hate that they're doing it this way.

Heather: I agree about these rushed storylines and the frustration of not seeing more of this process.

The scene where they arrive with Liam was sweet, but I want them to involve the audience more in Marina's discussions about their life and plans for building a family. All of this feels like they're making crazy snap decisions.

Sara: Honestly, I'm confused about why it took them so long to consider adopting. Carina is an OB/GYN, so naturally, she'd want to experience the miracle of carrying her own child.

But, working at a hospital where you see babies that enter the foster system more often than they should, it couldn't have been the first time you considered offering your home to a baby in need.

I'm thrilled that she and Bishop are growing their family. I hope it doesn't affect Bishop's progress after her struggles. Hopefully, adopting a baby and doing IVF will help her stay on track and reduce her self-punishment tendencies.

Carina is getting sued by a previous patient. Thoughts?​

Ellie: Carina getting sued by a previous patient felt so random and out of nowhere because this woman is like a Saint, and she never had any storylines on the show, so I'm struggling with this storyline, but let's see how it will turn out on the next episode.

Haley: This whole thing was giving me deja vu. We did this already with almost the exact same plot on Private Practice. I know that show's been off the air for years, but this seems lazy since it exists in the same universe.

On Private Practice, Addison is sued by a former patient whose daughter was born disabled and has significant challenges as a result. So why are we repeating history with Carina? (As much as this plot sucks, Christina Moses is guest-starring as the mom in this case, and she's incredible, so at least there's that).

Heather: This is just another unnecessary storyline that needs proper development that we don't have the time for. And the way it was presented, the mom and daughter showing up at the clinic for what exactly?

If the lockdown situation hadn't happened, what would this lady do? Another example of sloppy writing. I actually thought if anyone were getting sued this season, it would be Kitty Dixon suing Travis and the department.

Sara: It's not surprising to see the writers throw a lawsuit at a doctor, even if it's an OB/GYN. It's an expected plot twist, as it can affect not only their foster/adoption chances but also their finances and schedule, which could impact their IVF plan.

I'm eager to see how the plot carries over into Grey's and if it will strain Marina's already rocky relationship.

Which of the emergencies did you enjoy the most during this installment? Regarding the Red Flag case, do you think they'll revisit it later?​

Ellie: I didn't enjoy any emergencies on this episode, and I don't think the Red Flag case will be revisited in the future because this has never happened with this show.

Haley: I enjoyed the Dengue Fever case! I enjoyed watching the team jump into action together and play to their strengths to manage a station full of panicked civilians.

They did a great job keeping everyone calm and providing the care everyone needed. Considering the circumstances and how scary it must have been, the whole situation ended in the best-case scenario.

I have a prediction about the Red Flag case. I think Sam will be back in a really unpleasant way when he finds out Ben will take his guns away. I hope we're not setting up for another mass shooting in Shondaland, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Heather: I didn't really care for either emergency. The Crisis One call was infuriating and I was so scared for that dog. And it was another example of how awful cops are and how dangerous white men continue to get a pass.

Ben and Theo were not at their best on this call. I wouldn't mind if they revisit this situation to show how the cops got it wrong again. I hope it isn't at the expense of someone or the dog's life.

The dengue fever situation was a bit boring to me, but I liked the teamwork of everyone working at the clinic and Sullivan keeping people calm.

Also, we saw some really cute looks between Maya and Carina.

Sara: The Red Flag case had me heated. I wanted to come through my TV and smack the mom and her disrespectful son.

Like boy, it's your momma's property, not yours. And lady, it's your house and your kid. Do your job and get your kid in line. There are enough problems in the justice system without your failed parenting.

And the way the cops reacted to the neighbor and that poor puppy made me furious. I wish Warren had badge numbers so that when they come back for another call, there can be an evaluation of the officers' performance and, hopefully, some punishment for their laziness.

I expect this scenario to play a larger role later in the season. I wouldn't be surprised if the angry punk gets ahold of another gun and comes after Crisis One.

The question is, who will his target be? While it would raise fears if it were Warren -- across both Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy -- I think Ruiz would be the more likely target.

That plot line would force Vic to face how she feels about her ex and bring more tension to the firehouse as Ruiz's new side piece reacts. It may be good that he's moving on, which might be why sparks fly between Vic and Beckett.

The in-station med clinic lockdown was over the top and far too early to do after the stresses of the pandemic, which still has many people raw. The whole "it's just a sunburn" scenario tripped me up. Why would you assume a red chest but no redness anywhere else equals a sunburn?

Overall, the entire episode fell flat for me. The plotlines move faster since this is the last season, and there's still a lot of material to cover.

But the storylines were all over the place and rushed. Even Jack's farewell didn't disturb me as much as I wanted. His dejected acceptance is a weak point in the story and is not characteristic of his stubbornness.

What did you think of Sullivan's proposal to Ross? Will we have another Station 19 wedding by the season's end?​

Ellie: It was cute. I liked it, and yes, I think they will have their wedding by the end of the season.

Haley: I don't know, ugh. Remember last week when we talked about how he only seems to propose in dramatic, high-adrenaline situations? I feel like "this patient might have a deadly contagious disease, and we're all quarantined in a small space with her" kind of fits that bill, no?

What happened to proposing on a "random Tuesday?" Sullivan knows what Ross wants and how she'd like to be proposed to, so he should just do that.

We'll either get a wedding by the end of the season, or she'll just finally say yes, and the marriage will be implied, but either way, I think we'll see a happy ending for Sullivan and Ross.

Heather: I didn't hate the proposal. It was cheesy but cute. I think we are jumping the gun talking about a wedding.

Ross hasn't said yes yet, so clearly, she is still waiting for something from Sullivan, and it has something to do with what Haley said and how he proposes at the wrong times. Also, I see Ross and Sullivan as the types to elope.

Sara: I both loved and hated Sullivan's proposal. While it was cute and spontaneous, I have to wonder how he would have done it -- and when -- if it hadn't been for the threat of another health crisis.

The entire drama between him and Ross has been frustrating. There has been far too much whoo-ha on something that shouldn't matter.

There was no backlash when the situation was reversed, such as when Sullivan -- a man -- dated his subordinate when he was the boss. Why should it matter because the boss is a female?

With this being the final season, I believe there will be a wedding that will give us a happily ever after. But many things will need to fall into place for it to work.

Is the series succeeding with Beckett's "redemption arc?" Will he be good on Crisis One? How do you feel about his and Vic's bond?​

Ellie: I'm not a fan of Beckett's "redemption arc" for many reasons, like being a bad Captain, bullying Maya, etc.

I'm struggling with the writers writing a redemption arc storyline for Beckett, a character nobody likes, when they could develop our favorite characters more. I don't care about having him on Crisis One.

And what scares me the most with Beckett & Vic's bond is that Beckett could become another man in Vic's life when that poor woman is SO MUCH better than this…

Haley: Beckett could literally never show up in another episode, and I wouldn't even notice. He's such a dull character to me. I don't think his character even adds any value.

As Ellie said, his character in earlier seasons revolved around him being genuinely awful to people. Now, we're doing a recovered addict thing with him, and while those stories do have value, we've already been down this road with Sullivan and even Jack to an extent (and Amelia Shepherd and Webber, if we include Grey's).

It was cool to see an example of how families aren't always supportive when alcoholics get sober.

Especially in families where excessive drinking is such a normal thing to do, people don't always want to face the fact that if someone they drink with has a problem, they might have a problem, too.

If he ends up with Vic, I won't be happy.

I'm not a fan of the friends-to-lovers trope. Secondly, it's on brand for her to want to see the best in everyone and help wherever she can, so their bond is nice. I wish we were doing something with Vic's character other than using it to rebrand a man who historically treats women terribly.

Oh, and yes, I'm sure he'll be fine on Crisis One. Having been previously suicidal, I'd bet he uses his experience at some point to help talk someone off the ledge. It seems like a natural progression for his character.

Heather: LOL, I might be the only one pulling for Beckett here. Look, I love a redemption arc, especially if it involves someone being remorseful of their bad behavior and changing for the better.

Almost every main character on this show has done some truly horrible things, and we have forgiven them, even defended them, so I am going to hold the same kind of space for Beckett.

We've only seen one episode of him turning down alcohol and butting heads with his (crazy) family. I wouldn't say we've seen him start to redeem himself. It was nice to see he was there for Jack's dinner, but we need more from him to say he is redeeming himself.

He was right that Vic was inviting him to be a part of Crisis One just to make him feel like a part of the team.

I'm not convinced Vic thinks he would be good for Crisis One, but she definitely could help him get there. Back in Station 19 Season 6, he talked a teenage girl through the bad car accident she had caused, so Vic saw that he could be good with patients.

As for the relationship with Vic, they better not touch the idea of them having a romantic relationship. Vic doesn't need a man like that. I hope, if anything, she'd be more of a sponsor-type friend.

Sara: I've liked Beckett from the start, although there is plenty about his behavior that I hate. But I'm all for a redemption story, and he's the perfect candidate to get one. We've seen him struggle to find his place at 19.

Since he's sober, more clear-headed, and no longer in charge, I'm hoping he'll have an easier time bonding with his fellow firefighters and becoming one of the family.

It seems Travis is reevaluating his actions and who he is as a man after another hookup with Emmett. Does this set up some character development for Travis?​

Ellie: I used to love Travis. I loved his friendship with Vic, but I'm sorry, but now I hate him. I hate his character development this season, and I don't think it will improve. Once a cheater, always a cheater, right? Travis is too messy regarding relationships, and I blame the bad writing for this.

Haley: I'm rolling my eyes at the memory of Travis trying to act like his infidelity is somehow different than when Eli cheated on his fiancee.

I'm annoyed with what the writers have done with Travis's character. It's not even that he's a cheater for me. It's the fact that he's playing it off like he doesn't see how bad it is. Thankfully, it looks like he's starting to figure it out.

Hopefully, that means he'll get a redemption arc. If this show ends with Beckett as a hero and Travis as a terrible person...cue more eye-rolling.

Heather: Ellie and Haley have hit the nail on the head. The writers are ruining Travis so hard. He's being drug through the mud.

I loved Travis. He was my favorite. I can't stand his dumbass now. Honestly, I don't think he is reevaluating anything yet. All I saw was the man having a slight bit of guilt because he got called out for cheating and trying to say it's different from a closeted man's cheating.

As Haley said, it's not so much about cheating; he doesn't think what he's doing is wrong. The man commits the same moral sin as Emmett, but in his mind, Emmett's cheating is worse. Travis sees himself all the time as being right or doing the right thing, and when he doesn't live up to that, he becomes in denial.

And look, I'm all for hot, sexy scenes like we've had, but not at this cost, so was it really necessary to have back-to-back episodes of cheating sex scenes? I mean, we got the point the first time around.

Sara: I've been very disappointed in Travis's behavior with Emmett. I know that he's struggling with guilt over Dick's death. But that doesn't excuse his cheating behaviors, even if he and his partner haven't yet established a monogamous relationship.

Time will tell if his guilt will continue to push Travis down the wrong path, causing him to be less of the righteous man we've come to love. I, for one, will feel disappointed if they keep him on his current path.

That's not to say I wouldn't cheer for a Travis/Emmett redo if the couple decided they wanted to make a real go of things. I love happy love endings, and there's more potential for a happily forever after with Emmett than with his current beau.

What was your favorite moment and/or storyline from the episode?​

Ellie: I loved the scene where Theo & Ben "kidnapped" Jack for the dinner with everyone at 19.

Haley: I know it was sad, but the scene where everyone cuddles up under the table to love on Jack while he grieves what he's lost was really touching. One of the best things about Station 19 is that everyone in the house really is a family. Seeing that shown so explicitly was special.

Heather: I loved Jack being kidnapped, too, and I loved the end. It was a hard scene, but there were moments of joy, and everyone was there for Jack (thank God Kate walked out). We hadn't seen them have a family scene like that in a while, and it was just so beautiful how everyone got on the floor with Jack.

Sara: Given that the episode didn't hit my emotions like it typically does, it was hard to find a specific part of the storyline I enjoyed.

Truly, the best parts were the look of joy on the little girl's face as she got to participate with the other kids, despite her wheelchair, and when we got to see Maya and Carina welcome baby Liam into the family.

The traditional under-the-table huddle with Jack at the end did not have the same power as when we saw it the first few times. And that broke my heart because Jack was such an essential part of Station 19.

Are there any other thoughts, observations, or speculations you'd love to address that haven't been covered with the questions?​

Ellie: I'm struggling with the bad writing this season, so I'm afraid the last season won't be great because of this.

Haley: I really need to get this off my chest. I absolutely detest Kate. Why is she still here?

I have a dark sense of humor, but there's a time and a place for the jokes she was making, and she clearly doesn't get that. Anyway, writers, if you're reading this, please feel free to kill her off. (Just kidding. Kind of.)

Heather: LOL, no, Haley, they should kill off Kate. Good riddance.

I am extremely concerned about the rushed stories and how much they really crammed into that episode. This episode was better than the premiere, but this season is off to a very weak start.

As Ellie said, the writing is bad and makes us fans very concerned about how this show will wrap up. The new showrunners are trying too hard to put their vision on this season and are ruining it. So, if they wrap this up poorly, I will be ok with the show being canceled.

Also, something that puzzled me in this episode was that Andy saw Sullivan as being good with kids and handling a high-intensity situation well and decided he should run the clinic. Why?

The clinic was Jack's vision, so why not ask Ben, Carina, and even Maya to run it since they understand why Jack wanted things a certain way?

I'm not saying Sullivan would change things or do a bad job. He feels like an odd choice. It makes it feel like something is up with Andy and how she's making changes.

Sara: I'm interested in seeing how things play out with the new girl who doesn't fit in too well at Station 19.

As a Vic fan, my hatred of her may be due to the chick's encroachment on Ruiz. I get he and Vic are over, but there may have been a chance at redemption before the new hussy moved into the station.

Will she be a permanent, uncomfortable fixture for the remaining season? And if so, will we see a catfight between her and Vic, or her and the entire female crew, who will undoubtedly side with Vic on anything?

Over to you, Station 19 Fanatics. What are your thoughts on our lively panel? Sound off below.

Station 19 airs on ABC on Thursdays at 10/9c.

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