Helldivers 2 Patch Makes It Easier To Rescue Squishy Civilians, Triples Level Cap


A new Helldivers 2 patch is live, bringing with it numerous tweaks, buffs, and new environmental threats to the game. As if firestorms, tremors, and ion storms weren't bad enough, you can now expect to encounter blizzards and sandstorms on certain planets while trying to avoid the insect hordes and the chanting Automaton forces. For anyone looking to chase higher numbers and new titles, the game's level cap has tripled from 50 to 150, and PS5 owners can expect the loadout-reset bug to be addressed in this patch.

Developer Arrowhead has also reworked several weapons, tweaking and buffing them to be more effective in battle. The Anti-Materiel Rifle does 30% more damage, the Arc Thrower has increased stagger force, and the Dominator got a big damage boost. A few weapons have been tweaked to be more balanced, but when you're out of Stratagems, your arsenal should be more reliable when your back is against the wall.

Other interesting changes include the Retrieve Essential Personnel mission being easier to complete. Additionally, and the negative effects of operation modifiers that increase stratagem cooldowns have been halved. This particular mission will see enemy spawn points moved farther away, giving players a fighting chance to shepherd civilians into a bunker when they're being chased by homicidal machines equipped with chainsaw-arms.

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