What's a show that you love, but is universally panned or doesn't get good reviews?

Vast Vendace

I just watched The Idol and I really liked it. I was hooked from the first episode and the couldn't wait for the next season as it left you with a huge cliffhanger.

You know that feeling when you watch something so good you have to watch and/or read reviews about the show immediately after you finish watching? Well, to my shock, when I went to look for reviews and reaction, I was shocked how this show was universally panned by most and was immediately cancelled by HBO.

I kinda felt like "I'm a crazy, I loved this show! " I think many had a problem with the themes of the show, and it was pretty provocative. I started to kinda bad for believing it was an excellent show. But then I just said "screw it, I like this show. I don't care what anyone else thinks."

Anyways, what show made you feel the same way?

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