TV shows with the most impressive, amazing and emotional endings.


Hello all. I've watched a lot of TV series, some of them were okay, some of them were very impressive, some of them had endings that really impressed me and amazed me a lot (including to the point of tears). I'm looking for something like that, where the ending is surprising, impressive, perhaps shocking, and filled with emotions. Something that amazes and is remembered more than others episodes.

I will write a few series that greatly impressed me and, without spoilers, I will describe my impressions of the endings in a few words. I ask you to share something that also impressed you, that caused strong emotions (especially positive emotions).


Quantum Leap (new series) - in general, I was impressed by many of the episodes (some of them especially), the ending of season 1 impressed me, and not weakly, but the ending of season 2 (last 2 episodes) really impressed me a lot. In short, it was an explosive and unexpected emotional teary rollercoaster. I really hope the series will be renewed for a 3rd season, such series are rare.

LOST - it was very satisfying (considering the sad events leading up to the ending), memorable and very emotional. Something that leaves good memories and hope after watching

Manifest - has a lot in common with LOST by the way. As with the previous series, it was incredibly sincere, unforgettable and unexpected. Definitely worth watching again (in the original language).

12 Monkeys - for me, the endings of the 2nd and 3rd seasons (in this case, the penultimate episode with flashbacks) made the greatest impression; in both, love between the characters was at the center, definitely impressive and quite emotional endings.

Dark - extremely twisted series. What happened in the process is quite dark, like the name itself. But the ending of season 3 (which is last) is a masterpiece. The puzzle is coming together, but what actually happened (the cause of the events) and the way it is all shown evokes strong emotions, surprises, amazes and leaves satisfaction (unlike most episodes).

Travelers - I was personally impressed by the endings of all seasons, they were all emotional. But the end of the last 3rd season (the last few episodes) is very touching, emotional and unexpected.

and lastly The 100 - the ending of season 5 - very unexpected, sincere and memorable. Something that is remembered most out of all episodes.

For me, all these endings are masterpieces; everywhere here, in one way or another, there are a lot of emotions, surprises and revelations.

I'm looking for something similar, write in the comments what also impressed, amazed you, leaved with sincere, hope, what made you cry (i cried in all of these) etc, in the endings of seasons or the entire series.


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