Trying to find this tv show/episode. Clearly I've lost it

Vast Vendace

So I started watching the newest episodes of the show 9-1-1, and I could have SWORE Athena's ex Michael died of a stroke.

Apparently not.. so someone... ANYONE. Please help me figure out what the show/episode is based on description below.

I know it's a first responder show, and the woman in it is one. She was supposed to show to (husband/ex husbands) house by a certain time, but took a call instead. Running late, by the time she got there she walks in to find him sitting in a chair next to folded laundry. Looks like he was in the process of folding it when he had a massive stroke and died. She calls 911, and tells them what's happened, also tells them not to run sirens/lights as she doesn't want to wake children. She then also tells them he's dead, and the operator says EMS will determine that once they're there. Where she replies who she is, and her title. They apologize for her loss and tell her help is on the way. Fast forward, she's at the hospital waiting for autopsy, she hasn't told anyone about his passing. When she meets a man on a bench. A dad waiting to see his son whom is in a coma. He says he's scared to go up alone, or whatever so she walks with him. Once getting up to his son, the ex wife throws a fit, he pulls a gun, and they evacuate. Him and the woman stay with the son, he tells his story about how the son has been sick all his life and always wakes back up. That he can't give up, that he won't let them pull the plug. She assists him staying there as long as they can. Swat team gets called or whatever, someone on the outside is vouching for her, telling them to give her some time.... you get the point. In the end the boy wakes from the coma.

My family thinks I'm crazy, but I swear I haven't made this up lmao.. help me find this

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