The run of Jodie Foster from 1988-1991 has to be one of the best runs that an actor has ever had, in terms of their career or in the view of the audie

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Jodie Foster was mainly seen as a child actress who starred in fun movie musicals. She had a gritty and dark role in 1976's Taxi Driver which she got an Oscar nomination for, but the audience mostly ignored that.

And then, BAM! She gets a role as a rape victim survivor in the 1988 movie The Accused. She got nominated for her first Best Actress Oscar for that, amidst a field of Meryl Streep, Glenn Close,Sigourney Weaver and Melanie Griffith. No one was predicting her to win the Oscar and then, she won her first Best Actress Oscar at the age of 27.

And after that, three years later, she follows up with was is widely considered to be one of the best movies ever made-The Silence Of The Lambs. She got to star as the iconic Clarice Starling opposite Anthony Hopkin's chilling villain role as Hannibal Lecter. The movie got nominated for and won the Big 5 Oscars, including Foster's second Oscar win for Best Actress within 3 years.

It doesn't seen as exciting in retrospect, but it must have been amazing seeing the little girl you saw in comedies and musicals develop her acting skills and act in what is probably the best thriller of all time.

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