Should I pick up The Walking Dead franchise up again? Hoping to hear from folks who are up to date on the TV series and possibly also read the comics.

Vast Vendace

I was a huge fan when it originally aired and I kept up for quite some time! I had read a majority of the comics prior and ended up keeping up with the OG show for quite a while. I watched Fear TWD for the first 2 seasons but fell off quickly. I wanna say I fell off of the OG maybe a season or half a season before Carl was killed.

I enjoyed a lot of the show a lot in the beginning. But having read the comics first, I had a hard time with the showrunners not being able decide if they wanted to strictly follow the comics, make their own storylines, or swap storylines between characters in the show vs. the comic. It got to a point for me where there was almost too many storylines going on. It felt like a lot of Seasons 4-7 were just the showrunners not being able to decide on what the direction was and any strong storylines were either rushed or fizzled out.

That was also years ago and with the newer spinoffs featuring Rick & Michonne, my interest has been sparked again and I'm debating watching the series in full from the beginning.

I suppose I have a few questions so bare with me and I'm open to any overall feedback not related to my specific questions!

Does the show ever get as straightforward as seasons 1-3 again? I feel like those were the best seasons and there was a pretty solid direction. Episodes had usually only maybe 2 main dilemma like scenarios happening, and 1 antagonist. I feel like what really made me fall off was the multitude of antagonists, and too many minor storylines that never tied up at all or dragged on to a mediocre conclusion.

Do the spinoffs have characters that didn't exist in the comics? I wasn't a huge fan of the TV specific characters other than Daryl to be honest. I didn't mind Beth, but also remember feeling like they were giving some of Comic Andrea's arcs to made-up-for-TV Beth rather than them just keeping Andrea alive in the first place and keeping her comic arc in the show.

I also think if I've followed from the shadows correctly that Morgan ends up in Fear TWD? Is it worth picking that up again and is there a specific point in the franchise where I'd switch from OG TWD to Fear for the timeline to make most sense?

I think that sums up a majority of what I'm wondering to see if it's worth me getting back into it, since it's a pretty hefty investment! Thanks in advance!

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