Question About Real Estate Investment Idea. Trying to Build Upon an Idea I had


So, you do not pay capital gains on real estate. There are a variety of hedge funds, mutual funds, etc. for indirectly investing into real estate.

My idea is to increase the actual financial connection between the investor and the actual tangible real estate asset(s), with the goal of reducing/eliminating any type of capital gains tax.

Is there a way to set up a company (unsure what type of business structure would be best) so you have investors listed as owners. These “owners” equity is directly connected to the firms real estate asset, expressed as a % owned of the total real estate assets value (actual ownership of a property, not a percent of ownership of the total portfolio).

This would make the tax liability of the owners different than those invested in a hedge fund or some type of fund (such as Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund JRS).

How far off am I about this? I’ve talked to a stock broker before and he basically said there are things of the like, hedge funds etc.. I feel as though this concept is different, is it?

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