Nvidia RTX 50: a fourth-quarter arrival?


Nvidia had intended 2024 to be a “white” year, i.e. without any real news. However, for some time now, rumors of the arrival of the next RTX 50s in the second half of the year have been multiplying. Meanwhile, the RTX 40 Super is expected to occupy the field, while AMD and Intel are said to be in a position to launch their new generations in the second half of the year. Leaks from Nvidia’s partners now suggest an increasingly likely arrival of the top-of-the-range RTX 50 Blackwell in the last quarter of 2024. Following a familiar strategy, Nvidia intends to knock out its competition by launching the GeForce RTX 5090 first, followed by the GeForce RTX 5080 for the 2024 holiday season.

NVIDIA RTX 50 - Blackwell

Will Nvidia concentrate solely on the high-end?​

Speculation is rife, with several sources announcing a real breakthrough for this new generation. The two RTX 5090s and 5080s will use GB202 and GB203 GPUs respectively. They could be equipped with GDDR7 on a 512-bit bus. If this information is confirmed, it also means further price inflation for Nvidia’s top-of-the-range products. If we think about it for a few seconds, there’s nothing innocent about this strategy when we consider the resource arbitration issues that Nvidia must now deal with in the face of exploding demand for AI cards. We could then get used to the idea of Nvidia focusing on the high and very high end of the market, leaving the rest to its competitors. The rest being the most interesting for gamers…but undoubtedly the least interesting for manufacturers’ finances. Objectively speaking, this is what we’ve been seeing over the past few months… It’s therefore possible (but this is clearly speculation on our part), that in the mid-range, the RTX 40 Super could continue on its merry way to 2025…

This fourth-quarter launch would be anticipated by the big “makers” like MSI and Asus, who have thus provisioned for an increase in their sales figures in conjunction with the theoretical arrival of these cards on the market.

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