Need A PS5 Or Xbox For EA Sports College Football? Check Out These Great Deals


EA Sports College Football 25 is due to hit this summer, but that comes with a caveat for fans: It's not going to be available on older consoles or PC. So while you can preorder College Football 25 on PlayStation 5 and on Xbox Series X from Amazon right now, you might also be in the market for one of those shiny new(ish) game consoles on which to play it.

Luckily, Walmart has you covered with some discounted PS5 Slim and Xbox Series X consoles, both of which come bundled with games to get your new console library started. The PS5 Slim bundle comes with Spider-Man 2, while the Xbox Series X bundle packs in Diablo 4.

PS5 Slim Disc Console - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Bundle

$449 (Valued at $560)


Sony's Spider-Man 2 PS5 Slim bundle was one of the most popular gaming products over the holidays, but most retailers ran out of stock months ago when the promotion officially expired. Walmart was in this camp, but surprisingly, the bundle is now back. Valued at $560, the bundle includes a PS5 Slim with a 1TB SSD, a digital download code for Spider-Man 2, and a DualSense controller. Even if you don't care about Spider-Man 2, you're still saving $50 off the price of the PS5 Slim with a disc drive.

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Xbox Series X - Diablo 4 Bundle

$470 (valued at $560)


Microsoft's Xbox Series X bundle comes with some solid benefits if you're a Diablo fan. Alongside the Series X console, which sports a 1TB SSD, you get a digital download code for Diablo 4, and a few digital goodies for the game: the Light-Bearer mount with the Caparison of Faith mount armor. The bundle also packs digital items for Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal, as well as a wireless controller.

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While both the PS5 and Xbox are offered in digital-only versions, both these consoles sport disc drives, if keeping physical media around is important to you.

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