Microsoft are at the centre of a massive cover up about the Xbox App on Windows 10/ 11.

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Since late 2022, the Microsoft Game Pass app on PC has been failing for users on Windows 10 and 11 and they don't know why. There is no fix, and once it happens on your PC, you'll never be able to install the app again. The only solution seems to be a full windows wipe and a new email account.

It first started in August 2022. Games installed via the app are downloaded through the Windows Store, but there was a major bug. When Windows catalogues files somehow the indexing system is failing and losing track of assets. This means that when you update game there's a moderate risk that if it fails, you're unable to truly ever install a game again. The first big victim was Fallout 76. Since 2022 the game has amassed thousands of reviews claiming the game is bricked on PC. Some users have been able to manually delete and recreate some of their Windows libraries and update the game.

Unfortunately, the issue has only gotten worse. In recent months there have been hundreds of reports via the windows store that the Xbox PC app no longer works. Microsoft hasn't commented on the issue, in fact they seem to have absolutely no idea what to do. The community is stumped and the forums are littered with requests for help, with no solutions marked across thousands of requests for help.

Not a single major gaming journalist has investigated and the whole thing stinks of a major industry cover up.

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