Lili Taylor, Tamara Podemski, and Imogen Poots Tease Outer Range Season 2

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Outer Range Season 2 is nearly upon us, and we’re delighted to share with you our conversations with series stars Lili Taylor (Cecilia Abbott), Tamara Podemski (Deputy Sheriff Joy), and Imogen Poots (Autumn Rivers).

Each of them shares information about what to expect for their respective characters and the series overall.

We hope you enjoy the discussions and return for even more of our interviews and reviews of the upcoming season!

Lily Taylor plays Cecilia Abbott on the show.

During the first season of Outer Range, Cecilia was thrown into chaos as her daughter-in-law, son, and granddaughter all went missing at different times.

It’s a lot for one woman to bear, and Taylor got a lot of juicy scenes blaming the universe for her terrible turn of events.

Taylor spoke with us about how Cecilia will deal with her new reality, which includes the revelation that her husband, Royal, has been lying to her for decades.

She notes that showrunner Charles Murray wanted to explore what happens when two people discover who they really are while still maintaining a relationship.

This season expands well beyond Royal and Autumn, and we’ll discover how resilient Cecilia is when faced with a truth that may be harder to bear than her earlier trauma. What does losing everything do to a person?

For Cecilia, it will give her agency, and Taylor discusses how that manifests and what it means in some detail. Watch our entire interview below for the full discussion.

Tamara Podemski gets some remarkable material to explore during Outer Range Season 2 as Deputy Sheriff Joy is thrust back in time after unwittingly following time itself.

Joy’s journey is incredibly emotional. She finds out what it was like for her ancestors to persevere in the face of great diversity during a troubling time in American history.

Podemski shares some of her personal history and how it’s reflected in Joy’s journey.

Like Taylor, Podemski speaks of Joy’s lack of agency and how she’ll find that again during the second season, treating her travels as a wake-up call to reengage with her life and culture.

She calls Joy’s Season 2 arc a gift for herself and Joy.

It’s a privileged space in which to tell a fascinating story at a unique period in history with the right people in place to do it justice.

Podemski lends much weight to Joy's storyline in the second season, which is truly remarkable.

In this first part of an interview with Imogen Poots, she offers insight into Autumn and her search for her identity and her place in the world.

Autumn grapples with what she learns about her family and Imogen shares how it feels to be able to act on what she’s known since the beginning — that Autumn’s journey was going to be wholly unique.

She credits Season 2 showrunner Charles Murray for respecting what Brian Watkins created in Season 1 while expanding on it as an incredible collaborator, noting it’s quite rare for someone to be as emotionally invested in your character’s arc as Murray has been.

Poots also talked about the absurdities of her character and the fun she has filming some of the series' more entertaining scenes, particularly with Noah Reid as Billy.

She also talks about what is going through Autumn’s mind now that Royal recognizes her as his granddaughter, how she feels about him trying to kill her, and how Lili Taylor embraces Cecilia’s poignant and brave questioning in light of learning just who Autumn might be.

Be sure to check out our other Outer Range interviews!

We'll also be sharing our thoughts on the second season through a series of episodic reviews.

This is a show that deserves plenty of discussion, so we hope you'll join us.

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