I wasn't allowed to watch TV growing up. Need recommendations!

Vast Vendace

Don't worry, I've seen and loved a bunch of shows since then, including: The Wire, Mindhunter, Mr.Robot, Hannibal, Curb Your Enthusiasm, South Park, Westworld (s1), GoT, Breaking Bad, True Detective

^ I consider these shows to be works of art. Anything scary used to make me cry, but I consider Hannibal (the TV show with mads mikkelson) to be a work of art especially. Its murders and cannibalism add mostly aesthetically pleasing, creative and intriguing value rather than just gore and appalling deaths. The prep, cooking, down to the final plating is also a masterpiece.

Gimme something new to watch! I'm currently catching up on Peaky Blinders, but tbh, the last season isn't as captivating as it's previous seasons.

I also want to recommend 2 documentaries. One on how Pablo Escobar introduced hippos to Columbia, not only are they not native but they thrive in Columbia and are considered an invasive species. Also another documentary made after the 2nd incident of an orca whale targeting, killing and impaling a great white and eating it's liver was filmed off the coast of the Bay area. The first incident was off the coast of South Africa I believe. I'll edit/update this once I've found links to the documentaries. The hippo one was documentary by vice !

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