I can't get into the majority of serialized shows

Vast Vendace

It's very rare for me to get so engrossed into a show that I either ignore or don't pick up on how formulaic the majority of them are. Maybe it's a rule of the writers or producers, but I hate when every show has to have the tragic love interest, or petty dramatic squabbles that's just obvious filler. Why does every episode of a 10 or 20 episode season feel the need to take an hour long plot line, make the first and last ten minutes relevant to said plot, then pad out the remaining 40 with the same dozen or so story lines I see everywhere.

Veteran cop with years on the force is suddenly put into a tense situation and now we have to watch them come to terms with X all while the bad guy is on the loose.

Long lost spouse turns up after 5 years to threaten the budding relationship of their ex for poorly explained reasons.

Kid goes to college and gets involved with drinking or drugs forcing the family to come together and learn that they are always there for each other

Is all so boring and bland and predictable. It's drama just for the sake of drama, like they decided behind the scenes that nothing can happen unless its a threat to the immediate situation. Doesn't matter what genre the show is, serious to comedies.

Why can't my episode be an hour long action movie? I don't mean explosions and shootouts, but having relevant actions occur. Detectives actively doing their jobs instead of a hard cut to the evening. Or criminals doing whatever they can to make an extra buck.

TV is supposed to be an escape from reality. Giving average people with average jobs a glimpse at the wild and fantastical or the often times dark and seedy side just beyond the clean cut blue collar work most know.

Somewhere along the way things got lost and confused, watching the sopranos or breaking bad feels like an episode of friends only with coke and guns. Stuff never gets used, but they're present to give off the adult theme.

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