Does anyone have any tv show recommendations for someone who hasn’t been able to watch something new in years?

Vast Vendace

I’m really turned off by the idea of trying new things. Not sure why but I just can’t. New video games, new movies, new tv shows, new music, I almost always hate it all. Truly I don’t know how I’ve discovered I like anything at all. I’ve grown rather bored of my comfort shows as I’ve been rewatching them to death since the pandemic acted as the catalyst for my severe brain rot. They include in semi-particular order:

Malcolm in the Middle

How I Met Your Mother

Grey’s Anatomy

Orange is the New Black



Impractical Jokers


The Last Man on Earth

Santa Clarita Diet

The Last of Us

Man Vs Wild

I Shouldn’t Be Alive

Naked and Afraid

Just in case it’s relevant, some shows I’ve tried and enjoyed at first but just couldn’t remain interested in for varying reasons include:

Breaking Bad

The Walking Dead


Jane the Virgin


The Good Place


Ginny and Georgia


Station 19


Stranger Things

The End of the F**king World

Black Mirror

I’m not sure what separates some shows from being able to stay engaged throughout the whole series vs which I just get bored of. I thought I’d be 100% into Breaking Bad because of Bryan Cranston and the fact MITM is by far my favorite comfort show, and 911 and Station 19 because of my love for Grey’s but they just started stressing me out too much. Admittedly greys did too and I stopped watching when they started writing too many real world events into the plot. That’s where I stop and start rewatching from season one again. Lost and Manifest had me so sucked in at first but I think it was the same problem, like with the Walking Dead too, where stakes just keep getting higher and higher and I get too stressed. Oh yeah and the same for The Good Place too.

I get stressed out by the shows I watch too easily and so I prefer sit coms with easily digestible dialogue like MITM and HIMYM, which is why they are easily my top two most rewatched shows of all time. But I also do love a good mystery and that’s why I was able to stick through bones despite how insane it gets, plus I was much younger and strangely my distress tolerance was greater back then.

So with all that, if anyone had any recommendations, new or old, I know that’s a tall order, I’m annoyed with myself. I just want to turn something on and actually be able to enjoy it but it’s so easy for me to get turned off by the most random freaking things.

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