Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Board Game Is Coming West


The cult-classic Final Fantasy spin-off Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon will soon be available as a board game. According to the game's Amazon store page, Chocobo's Dungeon: The Board Games will release on June 19, and preorders are available for $50. We expect this will be a popular seller, so grab it before it's out of stock.

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Like the original video games, Chocobo's Dungeon: The Board Game has players guide Chocobo through a multi-floor dungeon that changes every time you play. As you explore, you'll encounter traps, collect items, battle iconic Final Fantasy monsters, and--if you survive long enough--ultimately face off against the final boss, Behemoth.

The game is designed for 1-4 players, who work together to get Chocobo through the dungeon. The box includes Chocobo and Reaper figures, a rulebook, three double-sided dungeon boards, a boss tile board, 100 playing cards, and a collection of counters and tokens.

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While Chocobo's Dungeon: The Board Games has existed in Japan since December 2023 and even included a multi-language rulebook with English instructions, this appears to be a wider official release.

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