Can anyone help me find this childhood show?


hihi i'm new here for this specific conflict.. i've been trying to look for this one korean children's show that i remember watching a while ago, and i wanted to see if anyone can help me find the name of it just for nostalgia purposes.

so i remember it being live action, so it wasn't a cartoon show or animated. i watched this back somewhere between 2016-2018. i think the name had the word "project" in it (프로젝트) but i might be wrong idrk.

the first episode i remember was this boy playing battle cards (딱지) with someone and he had this golden card? and then idk what happened but he went down this elevator in a building to find this secret group of kids that like summon monsters or something kinda like pokemon. and yeah basically they like summon stuff and battle with them and again its really similar to pokemon or turning mecard.

if anyone can help me with this that'd be awesome. thanks!!

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