Anyone else felt a lot of pressure to have sex while serving?


When I was in the Marine Corps nearly everyone in my platoon wanted me to be sexually active, especially with women and would tease me for not doing it like it wasn't a good thing to have sex, despite how it made the stupid. They would even tell sex stories and brag about the fact that they have sex.

How common is this kind of experience. Asking around it seems like this is unusual but looking at other reddit posts it seems like there is this culture of sex amongst some duty stations. What are your experiences?

Edit: I feel like I have to add to keep answers relevant, based on initial responses. A lot of people are already giving answers not relevant to the post.

Also, at least in the Marine Corps, sexual harassment has been prohibited in the Marine Corps since at least 2006 under MCO 1000.9A and it looks like there are more regulations being passed. Under that previously mentioned order, sexual harassment includes sexual pressure and telling sex stories at work.

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