A 24 year old, having recently made a big return on his investments, decided to buy a ferrari and take it for a spin on the road

Samba de

As he pulls out of the dealership in his brand new ferrari 2023 296 GTB he heads for the nearby shopping strips, revving his engine at the lights to the amusement of teenagers walking past taking photos and videos. In his heightened sense of accomplishment and pride he heads down onto the freeway and puts his foot on the pedal, accelerating to 100 km/h in a few seconds and approaching 130 km/h even faster.

As the young driver races through the freeway a cop car sees him and flashes its lights, giving chase. The ferrari driver, still on a high, sees the cop car and accelerates even more, convinced he can outrun him and hits 180 km/h soon enough. After a few moments, with the police car still following him and flashing its lights, the 24 year old realises the stupidity of his actions, realising he is too young to be possibly imprisoned for this stupid decision and slight of foot so he pulls over.

A police man exits the cop cap and approaches the ferrari and says to the young man, “Listen son, you have a nice car here and seeing it driven the way it should made my day, but the law is the law. However, I clock off in 5 minutes, so it you can give me an original excuse I’ll let you go”

The young driver ponders for a minute before telling the cop, “well a few years ago my girlfriend left me for a cop and I thought you were that cop and you were bringing her back to me”.

Unfortunately the cop was a reddit user, and knew this was not an original excuse.

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